ReidBar™ 500E From Fletcher Reinforcing

Friday 26 June 2020, 9:52PM
By Beckie Wright

ReidBar™ 500E, is a micro-alloy, hot-rolled, continuously threaded reinforcing bar which can be cut at any length and joined using ReidBar threaded connectors. ReidBar™ is manufactured to AS/NZS4671:2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials by Pacific Steel with the deformations forming a continuous right-hand thread allowing it to be cut and joined using ReidBar™ threaded couplers.

ReidBar™ improves structural integrity through joining of the bar with threaded connectors, and creates a full strength seismic joint – connectors are designed to exceed the capacity of the high strength 500MPa bar (with the exclusion of some Reidbrace fittings). Suitable for seismic design, ReidBar™ is manufactured to 500E steel specification standards.

Ultimate strength development is possible with short embedment depths using footplates, and it eliminates cast in starter-bars for simple transportation and handling and avoids re-bending. It removes congestion and can ease construction, eliminating the need for hooked bars, and provides simple solutions for construction problems, reducing labour and material costs. The system is suitable for use in thin concrete sections such as wall panels.

ReidBar™ Threaded Couplers provide versatility in structural design unmatched by alternative reinforcing coupler systems. All ReidBar™ threaded connectors identified by the Reid logo are cast from SG ductile iron and are designed to exceed the tensile capacity of the high-strength, threaded reinforcing bar, and provide connections suitable for seismic conditions.

Offering the confidence and convenience of a “bar break” system, Reidbar™Couplers allow buildings to be constructed with continuous reinforcing throughout the length and breadth of concrete elements, and are commonly utilised for wet joints and panel to panel applications. It is available in black, galvanised or steel, and efficient coupling removes the need for lapping, reducing wastage and congestion in heavily reinforced concrete pours.

Reidbar can be cut at any point and connected using Reidbar couplers without the need for re-tapping a thread, so for more information on ReidBar, Reid Bar, Reinforcing Bar, Steel Reinforcing and Reinforcing Steel please go to