TIMG Announces Relaunch of Third-Party Logistics

Friday 26 June 2020, 10:47PM
By Beckie Wright

TIMG offers a comprehensive suite of information management services and is relaunching their third-party logistics offering to enhance their clients’ warehousing and order fulfilment capabilities. The third-party logistics service, titled TIMG Logistics, is available to organisations throughout New Zealand.

TIMG Logistics has been developed to help rapidly growing organisations manage their increasing order volumes more efficiently without sacrificing customer experience. TIMG have dedicated their considerable resources to the service, leveraging innovative technologies, expertise, and business partnerships to streamline supply chains for businesses of all sizes.

Organisations that embrace TIMG Logistics will enjoy a substantial return on investment, as the logistics service reduces freight and transportation costs, mitigates shipping delays, and alleviates the requirement for employee recruitment, training, amenities, health and safety compliance, and utilities. By accessing TIMG Logistics, organisations can stay focused on the core elements of their business.

TIMG has invested heavily in their third-party logistics solution, with modern, purpose-built warehouses in Auckland and Porirua, modern security systems, weather canopied loading areas, and environmentally controlled storage facilities, among other state-of-the-art amenities. TIMG’s flexible contract warehousing also allows clients to pay only for what they store, eliminating wasted expenses on unused warehouse space.

TIMG Logistics offers more than merely warehouse capacity, however. The full-service logistics solution also includes comprehensive order fulfilment for both B2B and B2C organisations, with outward order processing, barcode scanning, assembly, labelling, repacking, and white glove delivery options, customer service functions, returns management, KPI reporting, and much more.

TIMG has been actively involved in secure storage and destruction of items for clients nationwide for over 30 years. As a wholly owned and operated New Zealand company, TIMG understands the logistics challenges of NZ businesses and provides helpful, empowering solutions. TIMG is part of the Freightways Group of companies with access to an extensive, reliable courier and freight network throughout New Zealand and with connections to international partners.

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