Aotearoa Nutrients - Nourishing Families & Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

Monday 6 July 2020, 1:43PM
By Beckie Wright

Keeping your toddlers and your family happy and healthy during the colder months can be trying for most mums and dads. If there’s not a cold to combat, there are always other little ailments cropping up to keep our hands and minds busy. Luckily, the right nutrients can go a long way and Aotearoa Nutrients is here to help.  

With a mission of nourishing families and supporting healthy lifestyles, Aotearoa Nutrients brings the latest, quality nutrition to people of all ages, from new babies and toddling toddlers, all the way up to busy adults and active retirees.  

As a New Zealand baby milk powder manufacturer and Nutraceutical company, Aotearoa Nutrients is passionate about helping families enjoy their best health every day. With the help of our scientists and nutritionists, Aotearoa Nutrients’ range of healthy products are filled with maximum bioavailability from nourishing, natural ingredients.  

To ensure that we continue to provide the very best products to New Zealand families, Aotearoa Nutrients products are ethically produced and are sourced from only the finest, high-quality ingredients. We also use certified organic ingredients wherever we can. 

Because we have sustainability in mind, Aotearoa Nutrients are constantly looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint. Environmentally conscious, our products reflect this by using only sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging made of recyclable materials. 

The ingredients we use are beautifully balanced and can easily be absorbed into the body. They are also more efficient than raw material nutrition, meaning they are safe and beneficial for people of all ages to use, including infants, children, adults, and pregnant women.  

All of our products are proudly New Zealand made in their world-class facility on the North Island. Aotearoa Nutrients carries the FernMark across their range of products, which is a recognisable sign of trust, integrity, and ingenuity.  

The right nutrients can make all the difference and Aotearoa Nutrients makes it easy to live a healthier, natural lifestyle. View our mission and vision online and decide if Aotearoa Nutrients is right for your family. For more on our Toddler milk drinks, visit us at