BDO Releases Global Risk Landscape 2020 Report

Thursday 30 July 2020, 8:26PM
By Beckie Wright

Reputation has always been a core element of successful business. The 2020 Global Risk Landscape Report—newly released by leading Auckland accounting firm, BDO—outlines the growing importance of reputation, highlighting that business leaders now feel the need to be proactive about these risks.

BDO’s report draws on survey responses from 500 C-suite executives across EMEA, APAC and Americas. In doing this, the annual report aims to gauge the shifting priorities of executives, in response to the changing world around them. This is particularly valuable in times of extensive change, such as now.

Beyond showing integrity in order to maintain reputation, the report has also isolated that ‘economic slowdown’ is another particularly pronounced concern, having leapt to the top of the reports ranked key concerns in a short space of time. The second and third positions in the report’s rankings are held by computer crime and hacking, and business interruption, respectively.

These insights display a continued awareness of the progression of technology, and the risks this entails to the modern busines, but also a clear focus on more recent events, such as the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The report also delves into finer details on each of these points. Rather than just listing concerns, such as reputation, it also explores what threats in particular successful business feel could threaten that reputation.

With this information, any business owner is able to use the knowledge and experience of CEOs and executives from around the globe to create their own strategies for building integrity. The report can help business of any scale to analyse these issues, and spark internal questions around separation of organisational and CEO branding, trust strategies, integrity strategies (and their execution), and more.

BDO NZ has created three white paper documents—one for each core region, EMEA, Americas and APAC. To find out more, and get a copy of the Global Risk Landscape 2020 Report for yourself, visit the BDO website here: