Loansmart Advocate for Debt Consolidation For All Those Monthly Interest Payments

Tuesday 1 September 2020, 6:30PM
By Beckie Wright


Many of us find it all too easy to say yes to offers of higher credit card levels and the new ‘handy’ charge cards, meaning we are getting further and further behind on our repayments, and in effect our savings scheme. A lot of Kiwi’s are stuck with credit cards and store cards that they can never seem to pay off because they are always on the limit and need to pay 20% or more in interest each month. 

Now too, there are the likes of these big finance companies offering ‘handy’ charge cards which seem handy at the time with their interest-free offers for higher ticket items, but eventually, they turn into the same high-interest payment each month, due to little hooks in the fine print. For example, if you don’t use your store card or charge card wisely, very quickly you’ll be repaying the balance normally at a minimum of 25.99% per annum  and it’s added to your bill daily. Their interest rates are almost twice as high as a low-interest credit card and are designed to keep you in debt. 

Loansmart advocate that the best solution is debt consolidation. If you’re not getting ahead because of too many monthly, and high-interest payments, you should talk to them to roll them all into one easy to manage outgoing each month. A debt consolidation loan is a quick and effective way to start managing your finances so there is some left over for important things like savings. 

So, apply for a debt consolidation loan with Loansmart today to start moving you in the right direction, which you can do by going to their website and filling in the online application form. It takes less than five minutes to apply online, so for more information on personal loan application processes, debt consolidation loans and online loan applications NZ please go to