7 SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Tuesday 15 September 2020, 10:44PM
By Jason Patel

If you have a website, I think you are trying to get more traffic without any ads. Did you get organic traffic? Yes. Then you should leave this blog. If you are not. Then continuously read this blog. If you are not getting organic traffic through your Website. It would be best if you did Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There are many tips to do SEO. But here, we discuss some main and useful SEO tips for you. So, follow the steps:

1. Use Keywords

If you want to get more traffic from your website pages, you should use proper keywords on your content if you're going to rank your Website on the "SEO Agency Auckland" keyword. Then it would help if you used this keyword on your content in a proper way. A decent way means many people use too much keyword (keyword stuffing). So make sure to use keywords on content, LSI keywords, and Long Tail keywords. So let's do it.

2. On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO is the best way to rank your Website. You need to use this technique on every website page. Again it's a keyword game. So use proper keywords on a web page. There are many on-page SEO optimization factors, such as Title, meta description, URL, Image alt tag, heading tag, and many. If you want to rank your Website on a specific keyword, you should use it on website pages. If you're going to search your targeted keywords, use Google keyword planner and ubersuggest. It's a free tool. Here you can find your keyword easily. And then use that keyword on your Website. Make you don't do keyword stuffing. If you are doing keyword stuffing, then google will penalize your Website. 

3. Content Optimization 

Many people do not understand content optimization, and your Website will be de-rank. Here you need to know the "Content Is King." Again, it would help if you naturally used keywords. If you naturally use keywords, it's a good read for the search engines and good for people. To content optimization, you will get more organic traffic and leads. So first, improve your writing and on-page SEO Skills. 

4. Link Building

Many years ago, link building (backlink) was the primary factor of ranking. But that time, people were creating too many spammy and irrelevant backlinks. That time it's easy to rank on google with any types of backlinks. But nowadays it's not easy to rank on google. If you want to rank your Website, you need quality and relevant backlinks. If you are creating backlinks, make sure that website Domain authority is high and less or 0 spam score. If you want to check Website Authority and spam scores, then use MOZ or Mozbar Extension

5. Mobile Friendly

Do you know? Sixty percent of internet users are mobile users. So your Website must be mobile-friendly. If you want to gain more traffic than your Website will be mobile-friendly. If you're going to check your Website is mobile friendly. Here google has one tool for the mobile-friendly test.

6. Website Speed 

As time passed, Google continued to upgrade its search algorithm. In which, website speed is the most important factor. So make sure your website speed has less than 6 seconds. Users need to stay on your Website. Suppose your website speed is more than 6 seconds. Users will go back and check another website. And then your Website will lose ranking. So Make Sure website loading speed is less than 6 seconds. If you want to check website speed, then use google's website speed test online tool. 

7. Website Audit Regularly 

Suppose you are analyzing your Website. It helps you to grow organic traffic. Regular Website audits to find website issues. So, I suggest you create a monthly audit report. 

If you are working on your Website, follow these seven tips and rank your Website on google. If you like our blog, please share it with your friends and family.