Bigger The Better For Double Glazing

Monday 21 September 2020, 3:47PM
By Sarah Glover


PRESS RELEASE  - September 2020

It’s common knowledge that double-glazed windows are great for making a home more energy-efficient and warmer. They even help to keep things cool in the summer. However, not all window panes are created equal. When it comes to double glazing, Eco Auckland suggests that a bigger gap is a better option. 


The fact of having two pieces of glass is not actually the most important factor in double glazing. What provides extra insulation, reducing heat loss and regulating the temperature of a home, office, or other building, is in fact the gap between the two panes. Used in conjunction with uPVC joinery, which has natural insulative properties far beyond those of aluminium or wood, double glazing makes homes cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly.


While 10mm is recognised as the minimum gap for effective double glazing, the results can be improved by increasing that—although anything past 20mm or so is generally considered superfluous. For that reason, Eco Auckland has recently upgraded to a double glazing unit with a total thickness of 24mm. These units include a 16mm air gap which gives fantastic insulation, reducing energy costs and consumption when it comes to keeping your space warm in winter or cool in summer.


If you are in the Auckland region and are interested in fitting or retrofitting your home with uPVC-framed double-glazed windows for ultimate insulation, get in touch with the Eco Auckland team on 021 277 0563 or via email at You can also take a look at their website to find out more about their products and what they can do to keep homes warm and secure.