Build a gorgeous home with tips from Renovation Builders

Wednesday 28 October 2020, 10:24AM
By Henrietta D


Auckland-based design and build company Renovation Builders have built up a great reputation by providing quality workmanship to homeowners. The company has been transforming homes by managing total design and renovation projects. While renovations invariably increase the home’s resale value, it is never too early to think about these projects. Living in a home that is efficient and tastefully done will bring a harmony to everyday life.

The company provides renovation ideas that help homeowners make a house that is best to live in and perfect for future buyers. A licensed company like Renovation Builders knows the difference between essential and cosmetic repairs and they advise focusing on strategic areas around the property, both interiors and the exteriors.

Even before you step foot in the door, a home exterior can tell a story. A well-kept lawn, trimmed hedges, a clean driveway and a great colour can revitalise street appeal. A bold and bright accent front door, the colour of the weatherboards and trims can transform appearances. Renovation Builders work on all types of residential projects – villas, apartments, bungalows and more.

By updating the kitchen, the cooking and entertaining experience will assume a whole new meaning. It is an area where the family gathers daily and a refined kitchen space will bring pleasure to even the most simple and mundane tasks. Designing the kitchen, in keeping with the style of the home, will keep the renovation timeless. You do not want a trendy design that looks dated in a span of a few years. The design can be classic or contemporary. The overall design of the house can dictate the style of the kitchen. While there is not hard and fast rule around personal taste, the result should be a simple yet stylish space that will stand the test of time.

By incorporating modern features a kitchen remodeling plan can involve high-tech features like smart appliances, mood lighting and sensor touch cabinetry.  A quality countertop – marble, quartz or granite – makes a fine statement in the kitchen.

Most homes do not have enough storage. A good renovation project needs to address this issue. By smartly utilising space like incorporating tall vertical cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling in the kitchen, Renovation Builders can make unique spaces for items in the most compact of homes. Customised storage such as pantries make the best use of interior space. It can be a pullout or a walk-in pantry, bar corners with wine coolers or even awkward spaces to create storage.  

Bathrooms are functional spaces but can be turned into spa-like areas with a remodel. A good renovation project cannot ignore bathrooms. Like kitchens, it is best to stick to the classics like an off-white or an all-white bathroom. The lighter – the better. Bathrooms should have the bright, clean and airy feel especially if they are not big rooms. Making use of windows, artificial lights, storage, mirrors and tiles, these areas can be turned from the mundane to the extraordinary. A luxury shower, rainfall shower head, standalone baths, stone, and marble countertops, metallic hardware can all enhance the overall aesthetic.

Resilient design means a home that stands the test of time and has energy efficient features. Renovation Builders knows construction and can ensure the materials used in their projects are nontoxic. Flooring can have a significant impact on the health of homeowners.  Improving air quality by adding ventilation and filtration systems can make a big difference. Mould, that can easily grow on wet surfaces, is an important consideration while renovating. Using high performance barriers like doors and windows, moisture ducts, and using DVS systems can all help control humidity.

Renovation Builders can provide ideas and solutions that can make a home not just look beautiful, but will incorporate features that will enhance the health and happiness of its users. Project managers from Renovation Builders have an eye for details that will ensure all aspects of the renovation meet council standards.  By hiring the right people the renovation project can be a smooth experience – one that brings joy and great returns.