Ecommerce SEO Specialists in Auckland, NZ

Monday 9 November 2020, 12:38PM
By OAP Group Limited

Online Asset Partners specialise in growing eCommerce businesses throughout New Zealand. They understand the complexities and challenges involved with Ecommerce Digital Marketing and excel at achieving impressive business success in Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Display Marketing, Retargeting, and Conversion Rate Optimisation. They work with Bigcommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and custom-built sites.

They ensure Ecommerce businesses are being found online by their target audience and that audience is converting.

What is eCommerce SEO?

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services online. It is often referred to as the sale of physical products online. It can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that occurs over the internet. Ecommerce refers specifically to the transaction of goods and services. An eCommerce site is powerful as it makes products easier to discover and purchase online. Whether you’re starting your own business, want to grow your customers, or want to create a side hustle, an eCommerce site is the way to go. If you’ve got an eCommerce site then you need to know about eCommerce SEO.

Ecommerce SEO in NZ usually involves optimizing your headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience. Each product you sell should have a dedicated page designed to draw traffic from search engines. This is what makes your online store more visible in search engine results such as Google. So when a potential customer searches for products, eCommerce SEO is important to help you rank highly as possible in search results. The higher you rank, the more traffic your site will get which means higher revenue.

What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify is a user-friendly platform to build your eCommerce business. It is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions, with over a million active users. You can use it to sell physical or digital products. The site offers a range of themes that you can customise to create your own brand online. It’s easy to use for those without coding knowledge or design skills. Shopify runs on its own servers which means you don’t need to buy web hosting or install any additional software. 

What is Bigcommerce SEO?

BigCommerce is another top eCommerce platform that allows you to create an online store. All tools come built-in, which means you don’t need to rely on multiple apps. In the BigCommerce control panel, there are areas to enter content specifically for SEO purposes. This is great for helping shoppers discover your products for example on Google search. Page titles and descriptions can be filled in for content pages, category pages, product pages, blog posts, and brands. BigCommerce has fantastic SEO features and plugins to support it. 

Work WIth Ecommerce Specialists
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