E-Scooters – the New Commuter Solution?

Thursday 25 February 2021, 1:14PM
By Premium SEO NZ

Your daily commute to work may be necessary, but car emissions are damaging our planet at an alarming rate. Private transport is one of the planet’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and the emissions are continually rising every single year.

Unfortunately, for many people, walking or biking to work is simply not a feasible option due to the distance. Biking a long distance and arriving sweaty and exhausted isn’t the most professional look. With buses being the only public transport option in many areas, many who want to reduce their carbon emissions look into this popular option. The issue is that bussing, especially in rush hour traffic, can take far too long. That’s why many people give up and resort to just driving themselves to work.

But what if there was a better way? Recently, there has been a surge in people choosing a new commuting transporting solution to get to work – e scooters. Imagine if you could get to work quickly, avoid the traffic, at a low cost, and without working up a sweat. Well, now you can, thanks to electric scooters. The rise of electric scooters NZ is primarily due to e scooter rental companies such as Flamingo, Jump, and Lime. People can rent a scooter, try it out, and see if they like it. For those who often end up renting a scooter to get from place to place, the cost can add up. Even a short trip can cost you upwards of $10.

That’s why savvy commuters are simply purchasing their own personal e scooter. They no longer have to pay the pricey rental fees but are still easily able to transport themselves to work and beyond. Most e scooters will even fold up for easy storage. No lock for your scooter? Simply bring it to your office and store it under your desk. This is a far cry from having a regular moped-style scooter, which must be parked outside every day and refuelled as well.

But even better than the convenience are the benefits electric scooters can offer the environment. An e scooter functions from being charged up with a laptop-sized charger; no petrol required. These chargers can easily be taken with you on the go in case you’re going further after work and will need an extra charge. These scooters only use limited electricity, and they don’t emit any emissions. When it comes to the environment, it’s like riding a bike – but without any of the strenuous leg work involved. Plus, you’ll save plenty of money as you don’t need to purchase petrol for your scooter.

Electric scooters routinely go up to 30km an hour, with many going even faster than that. During the rush hour traffic crawl, you’ll likely be overtaking some cars. Get to work in record time, even during periods of heavy traffic. Those who commute on bikes regularly go at speeds of around 25 km an hour, so you can even travel faster than some cyclists.

Finally, the more people that have electric scooters, the more congestion on our roads will be eased. Why is there so much rush hour traffic? People are opting to drive themselves to and from work, believing that there is no better alternative option. Once society realises that e scooters are the way of the future, more people will be taking advantage of this choice. As an increased number of people hop out of their cars and onto electric scooters, traffic will reduce. This will lessen road congestion and make getting to work safer and easier for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out an e scooter today and see for yourself if this could be the answer to your commuting troubles.