The Rise of Architecturally Designed Homes

Friday 26 February 2021, 11:23AM
By Premium SEO NZ


More and more people are now starting to build architecturally designed homes. These masterpieces are popping up in most neighbourhoods these days. This is a radical change from the past, as more people used to hire builders to construct homes based on a set floorplan. So, why has the trend of opting for an architect to design your house experienced a sudden surge in popularity?

Architecturally designed homes are exactly what they sound like - homes designed by architects who have the skills to create a stunning home that is ideal for family living. Also known as custom-designed houses, these homes are crafted with your specific needs in mind.

Architects are experts at listening to your vision for your property and then drawing a plan to make it come to life. This way, you can describe any style of house that suits your tastes, and the outcome will look precisely as you had hoped.

Let your architect know what property size you are working with, what your requirements are, and they will come up with the best plan to suit your section. For instance, they can adjust the proposal to angle the entire house to best catch the afternoon sun or account for a dip in the land. When you enlist an architect, it’s much easier to design a home for a difficult section of land.

By contrast, most home builders offer houses that are all exactly the same, with some minor options and variations. If you have a site that’s tricky to build on or you want a house that ties in nicely with the surrounding landscape, you can’t achieve this with a project home. These tend to have flat foundations which don’t account for sloped terrain. They will also be a regular shape that cannot be edited too drastically. So, if you have a pond or rock formation getting in the way of where the house would be built, you cannot change the shape to suit. You will simply have to select a different home design.

An architect, on the other hand, can create a home that will suit any terrain your property is on. When you work with an architect, you plan together to create a home that fits your lifestyle, vision, and aspirations. An architecturally designed home can also be developed with efficiency in mind. If you would rather use solar panels so reduce your eco-footprint, then you can do so. Alter and adjust any aspect of your property that is important to you.

The one challenge most people face with an architecturally designed home is then taking the architect’s plans and finding a suitable builder. Many builders only construct homes from their own floorplans. Finding one who is not only willing but suitably skilled to build a fully customised home can be a roadblock to getting your house built.

The simplest solution is to find a company that offers a full architectural build and design service. This way, you don’t need to be the go-between for the builders and the architect. Any adjustments that the architect needs to make to the plans can be communicated to them directly by the builders, as in this scenario, they already have an ongoing working relationship. This makes it much easier for the home buyer, as they can just talk to an architect and then see their vision come to life with minimal effort on their part.

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