Are Greenhouses the Answer to Year-Round Crops?

Friday 26 February 2021, 11:51AM
By Premium SEO NZ

If you like to grow your own vegetables, either on a commercial scale or even just to use in your own kitchen, you’ve likely wished that you could produce your favourite veggies all year round. Whether you want to charge more for out of season vegetables or just want to eat them yourself, getting these foods at any time of year can be highly beneficial. Unfortunately, that’s just not the way that seasons work. Some fruits and vegetables grow better in summer while others do better in other seasons. Many have a short growing season, so you can only eat them during a few months of each year.

Many people are now extending the growing seasons of their vegetables by growing them in a greenhouse. Greenhouses shield your plants from nature, providing shelter from too much heat or cool air affecting your plants. Most greenhouses limit heat escaping from the room while soaking in sunlight through the transparent walls. The ground in the greenhouse heats up and creates even more warmth in the room. Rather than your crops dying off in winter as they would usually, you can extend the time that they will grow for by growing them in a greenhouse. The warmer air and protection from the harsh climate that a greenhouse provides may just be the answer to your growing issues.

Using a greenhouse will can allow you to grow a greater variety of plants. For example, if you live in an area that doesn’t get enough sun to grow plants that need a warmer climate, using a greenhouse can allow you to produce these anyway. Why not have a go at growing some exotic plants usually found in more tropical climates?

When you grow in a garden, your crops are susceptible to being overtaken by pests. Whether it’s bugs, rats, or birds, these will not be able to make their way into your greenhouse, keeping your plants safer than ever before.

Most greenhouses are designed to keep the heat in, but that’s not always what gardeners are looking for. That’s why there are also options for cooler greenhouses; different plants enjoy different climates. When planting in the garden, the right conditions can be challenging to achieve. Your kale, for example, will grow better in a cooler environment without too much sun. On the other hand, if you want to grow chillies, then you will need plenty of warmth. Greenhouses allow you to group your plants together for optimal growing conditions. Run a cooler greenhouse with the crops that thrive in cooler weather and have a warmer one for your sun-loving plants. Plus, greenhouses stop the dramatic temperature fluctuations that garden plants will be affected by—no more frosty nights followed by searing hot days destroying your plants.

A common question about greenhouse growing is how to water the plants. By installing a watering system into your greenhouse, you can essentially use this to set and forget about watering your plants. Add a timer, and they will get precisely the amount of water they need when they need it. Plus, if you want to add extra fertilising boosters into your water, then you can, if you have a dosing pump.

Dosing pumps NZ are extremely popular because they allow you to pump an additive into the water line for your greenhouse. A dosing pump allows you do this at a consistent induction rate, and the whole process is incredibly accurate and easy to do. Get your plants looking healthier, greener, and producing more by using a dosing pump as well as keeping them in a greenhouse. You’ll love the different variety of plants you can start growing, too.