Craft Homes Support the Superhome Movement

Friday 26 February 2021, 10:29PM
By Beckie Wright


Craft Homes is delighted to announce the Superhome Movement’s recent release of the Healthy Home Design Guide. The Superhome Movement is a not-for-profit organisation that has facilitated the development of this guide, working with 70 industry-leading professionals on a volunteer basis to improve New Zealand’s housing quality.  
Launched in November and still at its first official iteration as a live document, this guide serves not as a home rating tool, but as a guide for designers, architects, builders, and other industry participants. The aim of this guide is to help improve quality of living for Kiwis across the country, and  bridge the gap between the current poor building code in New Zealand and more advanced international building standards. 

As part of The Superhome Movement’s team of home builders, Craft Homes believe that this is an immensely positive and progressive guide for the building industry as a whole, and they have highlighted some great insights from the guide that inform their work as eco-home builders, and resonate with their values and mission to build healthier, high-performance homes.  
The Superhome Movement characterises a healthy home as healthy, efficient, resilient, on purpose, environmental, and sustainable (HEROES), and the guide offers recommendations on how to design a home that delivers in all these areas. However, there are many factors that can affect the design and build of a home, such as a capital costs and operational costs, which is why they have also implemented a pathway for changing targets, The Healthy Home Step Change.  
The Healthy Home Step Change is a tier system that defines a healthy home or a super home, divided into BASE, BETTER, and BEST. Healthy homes meet or exceed minimum BASE standards, while Superhomes meet or exceed the BETTER or BEST requirements.  
The Healthy Home Design Guide is comprehensive and detailed, containing a wealth of information, so if you’re interested in building a healthy home in Auckland you can request a consultation with the Craft Homes team today to discuss your needs, and for more information on sustainable houses, new house builders and home renovations please go to .