Boom of Transportable Homes in New Zealand

Monday 1 March 2021, 5:19AM
By Premium SEO NZ

In the past few years, New Zealand has been experiencing a housing crisis. Most New Zealanders leaving in private rentals find it challenging to pay for the increased charges, thus rendering them homeless. The housing crisis implies that many residents cannot afford to rent or own home any longer. This has led to an increase in the selling of transportable homes i.e. portable cabins. Many people opt for mobile homes that can be placed anywhere in a friend's or family property.

Many low and medium-income New Zealand residents are struggling to afford even basic housing. Some people have to sleep in cars, tents and shipping containers. This is due to the increase in NZ's housing prices in the largest cities and a slow pace of new buildings. That is why there is a boom of transportable homes in NZ.

According to transportable homes manufacturers, their businesses have quadrupled in the past years. That is because most New Zealanders are yet to find a viable solution to meet their housing woes, thus opting for transportable homes. And according to them, people who are unable to afford even traditional housing make up for a greater percentage of their clients. Some manufactures are counting profits with an increase of 40% yearly in their businesses. .

"The housing crisis is fueling the demand, people can't afford their own home but they can afford a reasonable amount of rent per week so they put a cabin on their mum and dad's property," said Shane Savill. " I believe the regions such as Whangarei, Hamilton and Tauranga are also now experiencing high demand," he added.

The latest Demographic International Housing Affordability Survey proves that the housing prices in New Zealand are among the most unaffordable worldwide. Including Auckland, which is ranked the 7th most expensive city, while the other three major cities are severely unaffordable. Compared to private rentals, transportable homes has become the most affordable housing. Many residents find it cheaper and also accommodative.

Transportable homes can be placed anywhere. It is an affordable option as it is fitted with bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge spaces and kitchen. More so, it is warmer and comfortable if compared at other living conditions pricing the same.

Besides that, transportable homes are a viable option for larger families. That is because it comes in different designs. Many first time home owners consider transportable homes before climbing to the property ladder.

The community housing providers have said that although the government was trying to fix the housing crisis, no real changes were yet to be seen. The working Kiwis are continuing to fall into homelessness. And according to High Parletich, a co author of the study, housing unaffordability is not just a crisis but a disaster. He terms it as a massive social problem.

The housing crisis has also spread to New Zealand provinces. Northland, the fastest-growing province in NZ, experienced 2.3% population growth last year due to Aucklanders fleeing the housing crisis in NZ big cities, thus buying and commuting to the Northland. That also means that renting and buying a home was becoming difficult every month for Northland locals. Many families are not able to keep up with the increasing housing prices in the region. That It is why many Northland residents live in cars or outdoors while those with families are opting to get transportable homes.

Transportable homes are becoming more convenient and affordable to the people of people in New Zealand. And if the housing property is not handled properly in New Zealand transportable homes businesses which has been a boom in the past few years will remain the best affordable housing option for coming years.