How to Add Resale Value to Your Home

Monday 8 March 2021, 5:50PM
By Premium SEO NZ


Interested in Adding Value to Your Home?

Some people expect to remain in their current home for the foreseeable future. In contrast, others know that they will be moving at some point, though they may or may not have a clear understanding of the details. Whichever the case, homeowners should put serious thought into increasing the resale value of their home, not least because that represents a very concrete form of wealth.

How Can You Add Value to Your Home?

Here are some tips for adding resale value to a home:


Renovations make homes more useful to homeowners. As such, they can have a direct effect on resale value. The trick is going for renovations that will add more resale value than what they cost, thus making them worthwhile from a purely numerical perspective. Generally speaking, kitchen renovations provide the best return on investment before being followed by bathroom renovations and then interior and exterior painting. However, it is important to note that these are very generic statements, meaning that interested individuals need to look up the expected return on investment for specific renovations.

Avoid Renovations with Very Specific Appeal

Speaking of which, interested individuals should avoid renovations that appeal to a very specific group of homeowners but no one else. For instance, there are people who enjoy having their bedroom painted black. However, it is no coincidence that people are recommended to paint their homes in more neutral colors, which are not particularly exciting but are also inoffensive to most interested individuals out there. Similarly, extra storage space is a very practical choice because most people can benefit from it one way or another. In any case, this matters because broader appeal draws in a wider range of home buyers, thus making for faster sales as well as higher sales.

Keep the Receipts

Most people don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of what renovations are worth what. Thanks to this, it is a good idea to keep receipts as well as other forms of documentation for their value, which can be very persuasive to home buyers. Simply put, they won't pay more for a home unless they believe it to be worth that price.

Good Maintenance

Homes can last longer than a lot of other tangible assets. However, they experience wear and tear in the same way as most of them, meaning that their condition can worsen a great deal over time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, signs of deterioration can send a home's resale value plummeting, particularly if they show up in places that will cost a lot to repair and replace. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this, which would be arranging for regular inspection and maintenance to correct any issues before they turn into full-blown problems. If they have already turned into full-blown problems, they will need to be fixed because they will show up during an inspection.

Further Considerations

Those who are interested in this as well as other real estate Christchurch topics should make sure to contact a real estate professional for further inquiries. In this as in other fields, expertise matters, meaning that this can do much to help them in their value-boosting efforts.