Latest Kitchen Trends

Tuesday 9 March 2021, 2:01PM
By Premium SEO NZ


Unlike decades ago, a kitchen is no longer a tiny room for cooking, washing dirty dishes, and storing food. Kitchen designs have changed greatly over the past few years in such a way that adds form and function to modern kitchens. Today, the once-simple cooking space has become the heartbeat and a hub of activities of every home. For instance, it is where late-night conversations take place, where major decisions are made, and a place where parents help their kids complete homework assignments. It is also a place that brings together the whole family to start a new day, have fun stories together, or some solve family issues.

Below are trending kitchen designs that will add beauty and function to your Aspiring Kitchens;

Go Dark with Surfaces

White cabinets tend to have a classic touch that can go well with literally any kind of kitchen design, space, and style. However, white cabinets have slowly been declining in popularity, and the trend doesn't seem to take a turn any time soon. Modern kitchens are now breaking from all-white cabinets and appliances to adopting dark surfaces. Dark shades, black walls, cabinetry, and work surfaces have, for many decades, been viewed as purely "accent" colors. But home remodelers have found that offsetting light-colored furniture and surfaces with dark countertops, cabinets, and workshops can breathe an air of sophistication and luxury in your cooking space.

It's Time to Realign Your Backsplash

Modern kitchen is following the fashion for adopting a more vertical appearance. Most homeowners are going away from the horizontal subway tile for a sleeker and updated look. When done right, it makes your kitchen space more inviting, particularly when the color theme complements the rest of the room.

Smart Kitchens: The Time to Integrate Technology is Now

Technology has become a bigger part of our lives. From our cars, home appliances, windows, climate control systems to our kitchens, technology has entered our lives in full force, and its dependence is projected to go up drastically. If you want to follow the trend and embrace kitchen technology in every function, design, form, and appliance, you'll enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and speed. Due to their popularity, smart kitchens have been termed an evolving aspect of home design. Today, you don't have to flip a switch when you enter the kitchen or open a faucet. With motion sensors installed in your appliances; lights turning on, and taps start running when they sense an object, and more will happen automatically.

In fact, a lot of kitchen remodeling projects have been focusing on integrating technology from the ground up. You can then have an option of adding easy adds-ons such as smart refrigeration that, besides managing power consumption based on energy requirements, will alert you when grocery runs below a certain level. What's more, you can now use technology to tell which eggs will go bad soon and cook them first, program a coffee maker to prepare coffee at a particular time, or control lighting and interior temperature from your smartphone.

Double Islands

Bigger and spacious kitchens have become a common phenomenon in most homes; as such, stylish kitchen islands have become an essential element in modern kitchens. To add an air luxury, adding a pair of island units has become a common feature.

Other kitchen trends that might be here to stay includes; effective storage solution cabinetry, brass hardware, structured simplicity for streamlined kitchens, etc.