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Ever Considered a Lollipop Wedding Bouquet?

Thursday 11 March 2021, 7:47PM
By CSI Systems Ltd


With lolly themed parties and wedding receptions being very on trend at the moment, it seems many are getting in on the idea that this is a fun way for all to enjoy a little slice of their youth.

But another idea has been starting to become popular that takes the uniqueness of your wedding to the next level is a lollypop wedding bouquet.

Watch your flower girls face light up when she realises that not only does she get to walk down the aisle before the blushing bride in front of family and friends, but she also gets to enjoy the delicious bouquet afterwards as well.

Lolly Poppins supplies a range of Lollipop Wedding Bouquets, in various styles and colours that can match your wedding perfectly, but you simply can't go past a nice traditional black and white lollipop bouquet, which always proves popular.

These can easily be used as a replacement for a real flower arrangement as they are constructed in such a way that the lollipop sticks can also be used to sit or stand the arrangement on the table during the reception.

What about a candy table?

Candy Tables are made up of a selection of lollies in your theme, decorated in jars and bowls and surrounded by props to enhance the look and feel of the wedding.  As an extra added bonus we can also add special Table trees to each table to enhance the look and feel.  Maybe you just want to add some lollies to your tables for those who like the shy nibble, then look no further than our table centrepieces.

Need a fun piece, have a favourite lolly then just let us know what you want and we can make your dream come true.

Candy bouquets are something new, never seen before in New Zealand, they don’t only look good but they taste good as well.  Bouquets can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand and can be made in any colour range that you choose.

There is a full section to look at on our website and you can choose your colour combination.  Most wedding bouquets can also double as a table decoration once the ceremony has finished.

Head over to our website and check out new ideas on how we can make your wedding pop, take your time to enjoy all the eye candy and food for thought.