Accuracy of ECG Analysis Software

Thursday 25 March 2021, 4:56AM
By Premium SEO NZ

It's been over a century since Willem Einthoven invented the electrocardiograph, a clinical instrument that could measure the extent of muscle movement using electrical impulses. It formed the baseline of the more advanced electrocardiogram/ ECG used today. Also known as EKG, ECG is the most commonly performed cardiovascular diagnosis procedure in medical cardiology. Technological advancements have led to the digitization of ECG. That resulted in the creation of automated ECG analysis software to get more accurate diagnostic interpretations.

Accuracy Limitations of ECGs

Although ECG has its upsides, much ECG analysis software available in the market today has its limitations when it comes to accuracy. Several studies have shown that most computerized ECGs have grossly erroneous interpretations, leading to wrong medical treatments.

Additionally, computerized ECG equipment used in medical facilities has a lower performance than those used by cardiologists. In fact, their accuracy level was 6% lower than the equipment used by cardiologists when interpreting ECGs during validated diagnostic procedures. When testing cardiac rhythms, computerized ECGs (ECG-Cs) showed a significant difference between the accuracy levels when interpreting sinus and non-sinus rhythms, 95% and 54%, respectively.

Perform Accurate Cardiovascular Test with LabChart's ECG Reader

The ECG Reader from LabChart allows you to make accurate cardiovascular diagnostics through an ECG analysis module with high sensitivity to any ECG impulse. You can use it in a wide range of cardiovascular tests and clinical studies, such as heart disease, exercise and metabolic research, hypertension, pharmaceutical drugs' impact on the heart's health, and obesity, among others.

Benefits of ECG Analysis Software

Using the computerized ECG reader, you can automatically record and report all P, Q, R, S, and T signals in real-time or after the test. That allows researchers or cardiologists to analyze the data while identifying any erroneous ECG recordings carefully.

LabChart's ECG technology works with various devices, such as implantable telemetry tools and intracardiac electrodes. Together with the company's Bio Amplifiers, it not only gets accurate ECG recordings and interpretations, but you can also change the settings to use it on different animals, including humans, rats, rabbits, dogs, and pigs.

Furthermore, no data is lost as a result of calculations. It remains unaltered, allowing users to reanalyze the data if the need arises. You can use LabChart's ECG analysis software on Windows, either as a Pro Package or an optional plan, sold separately.

Getting accurate cardiovascular interpretations is critical to diagnosing cardiovascular conditions accurately. ECG analysis software improves your ECG recordings and interpretations and preserves the data for future reanalysis.