Importance of Tire Rotation

Monday 29 March 2021, 8:37PM

By Premium SEO NZ



Tire rotations are critical to the life of your tires. They save on wear and tear and help keep the tread even for better driving. Balanced handling and traction will be fully preserved, and the best method for making this happen is to reposition each tire in the process. Tire servicing in Lower Hutt should include routine rotations.

Good traction is especially important in cases where you drive on a surface that's slick due to rain, sleet, or snow. Since tires wear unevenly, having them rotated on a regular basis evens the wearing down better and makes for a smooth, safe drive. Plus, it gives your mechanic an opportunity to check your tire pressure, adjust it, and even inspect your brakes to see if they are still performing optimally.

When you skip your routine tire rotations, your tires will begin to wear a lot quicker in the exact same spots, and this creates plenty of opportunities for other hazards while driving. You may experience hydroplaning on wet surfaces and the potential for heat buildup, for example.

While your vehicle is in motion, heat buildup happens. This is when the friction between your tires and the pavement create the heat necessary to keep you going. When this happens, healthy tires can withstand it. This is due in large part to the tread that allows the heat to flow as it should, thus serving as a type of a "moderator" that prevents it from giving your tires a sudden blowout.

Hydroplaning can also have its roots in poor tread. The grooves in healthy tread work much like good shoes in that they redirect water away as you drive through the rain, thus preventing slippage or hydroplaning. Any tread that's left unattended can wear and create a bald spot on your tires, which makes driving downright dangerous. Even hitting a sharp rock can result in a sudden flat.