Hiring In-home Plumbing Services During the Pandemic

Wednesday 31 March 2021, 4:18PM
By Premium SEO NZ


As New Zealand settles down in the wake of COVID-19, the plumbing at our homes has been getting heavier use than usual. This undoubtedly leads to failures and breakdowns. Fortunately, the government classified plumbing as an essential service that is necessary despite the lockdown.

Plumbers are only allowed in areas where people's health and safety are in immediate danger. The emphasis on essential repairs lies under the following definitions:

  • The repair or replacement and unblocking of sanitary waste pipes and blocked drains.
  • The repair or replacement of water pipes.

When contacting your plumbers in Auckland, it is vital to carry out a risk assessment. Ask yourself:

  • Is the job urgent, or can it wait?
  • Is anyone in immediate danger?
  • Can I come up with a temporary solution until lockdown ceases?

If, after careful deliberation, you opt to reach out to plumbers Auckland, check whether they are willing and able to handle the repair or replacement job. You should also be ready to:

  • Explain in detail the problem you are facing. Using photos and videos helps diagnose the problem to reduce the time a plumber will spend in your home.
  • Answer questions regarding your safety and health. This includes the number of people within the property, anyone infected or in quarantine.

It is also essential to inquire about the plumbers whose services you sort. These helpful questions will help you get a conclusive view:

  • The health of their staff
  • The things you should do in preparation for their visit
  • The precautions they intend to take to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
  • The payment method: Do they have an online payment option? Do they require a deposit?

Be prepared for an acceptance or refusal of the job. A plumbing service provider has the right to refuse a job request. The refusal will then be followed with a good reason. Plumbing businesses are required to:

  • Follow government recommendations and only offer essential services
  • Have adequate PPE to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

Any of the above reasons could be a viable reason to decline a job.