Good Reasons Why People Use Auckland Commercial Roofing

Wednesday 28 April 2021, 6:40PM
By Beckie Wright

In today’s very competitive market, when businesses can spend so much time and money on advertising and marketing, it can be quite useful to look at the testimonials page on a company website and read the recommendations of their very happy customers. These are usually an accurate pointer to the success, or otherwise of a business, and Auckland Commercial Roofing’s testimonials page is no exception, starting with Margaret Thompson who says:

"I used this firm to renew the roof of a large commercial building. There was real partnership with me during the 2-week process. Thank you, Peter, for your integrity in workmanship and Michael for your clear communication."

Mike Johnston adds, "Have used these guys reliably for a number of years. Very responsive, practical, and clean up afterwards. Deliver the whole job, from scaffolding and safety, to roofing and side cladding, and rubbish removal."

Mark says, "We have had constant problems with roof leaks for years and a reroof by another company only fixed some of the problems. Peter and his team were like a breath of fresh air. They immediately found 2 areas where the roofing was failing and soon after a third. It was so refreshing to work with someone who had the experience and desire to solve our problems. We said to do whatever needed to be done to make our roof waterproof so we could sleep easy at night without having to worry whenever there was heavy rain. We now do. I can’t recommend the Solid Roofing team highly enough."

Testimonials such as these can be an extremely valuable marketing tool and a great advertisement for a product of service, and Auckland Commercial Roofing are rightfully proud of their great customer service and quality products, and for more information on roofing contractors Auckland, roofing companies Auckland and roofing specialists Auckland please go to .