Why Choose Good Electrical for School Electrical Maintenance?

Wednesday 28 April 2021, 7:15PM
By Beckie Wright

At Good Electrical they believe that electrical maintenance is like a routine check-up with your physician—it’s crucial for preventing large-scale problems down the line. This rings true for any building, whether commercial or residential, and possibly more importantly so, for all of our schools, colleges and kindergartens throughout the country.

As professional electrical contractors, Good Electrical have been visiting schools and kindergartens for over twenty years, to provide fast and efficient repairs and preventative maintenance. Their school maintenance services include power supplies for fire systems, security lighting and budget reports. Their staff are all police vetted and they are available for emergency call outs, including repairing emergency lighting.

Good Electrical pride themselves on providing professional and efficient service. Their experience as electricians in Auckland has made them familiar with working within the education industry’s standards, making them the ideal choice to be your school’s regular electrical maintenance contractor.

Good Electrical have a robust health and safety workplace management system and put a sharp focus on providing high-quality work while sticking to agreed budgets and time frames. Their team of professionals adhere to the Ministry of Education’s Electrical Installations: Standard for Schools to ensure safe and cost-effective design, construction, and maintenance of electrical infrastructure. They can also prepare budget reports for electrical maintenance to the Ministry of Education – 10YPP Specialist High-Level report: Electrical Services.

Good Electrical’s electrical maintenance contractors design, install, and maintain preventative mechanisms in your school systems. They also conduct electrical repairs, monitor and test large-scale electric systems operation within school buildings, and replace any elements that fail or need improvement.

They will also design new parts of a system if we notice that it’s not functioning as well as it could be, so for more information on electrical house wiring, electrical repairs Auckland, and school rewiring please go to www.aucklandelectrician.co.nz .