Mystery of the Annual Spike in New Zealand Map Poster Sales Recorded by NZ Fine Prints

Friday 30 April 2021, 4:02PM
By Beckie Wright

While wall maps, posters, and historical prints of Aotearoa are purchased year-round by local and international art buyers alike, NZ Fine Prints reveal that an annual phenomenon occurs in their sales of New Zealand map poster designs.  

According to their annual sales reports, at the start of each new year sales of New Zealand map posters and wall maps regularly skyrocket in popularity.  

Increasingly popular map-themed wall art includes the Te Reo Māori Map Posters of Aotearoa and the world as well. These unique, New Zealand-centric world map posters feature Aotearoa at the centre of the world—rather than traditional maps where New Zealand sits to the bottom right-hand edge.  

While map posters have always been go-to decorations for new homes and office spaces, NZ Fine Prints surmise that the popularity and increased sales taking place annually are not solely being bought by followers of this tried and trusted trend.  

From a different vantage point, one could say that a map is not only an item for finding different locations, it can also be used to help us orientate ourselves!  

A new year is a time for reflection, insights, and new beginnings. For many people, this time of year is also the perfect time to pause and take a moment to focus on where they are in life—and a map is a pretty logical way of locating oneself when you are asking where am I in life right now… 

From this perspective, this annual surge in popularity is not a decorative phenomenon but something to be expected as the cycle of the year passes us by. Whether it is a remarkable occurrence or not, the curated collection of maps for sale at NZ Fine Prints might just offer buyers more than just a decorative piece of art for the wall.  

Maps can be an informative and fun way to learn about countries and people around the world, as well as a great way to broaden our understanding of our own culture and place in life.  

If you’re interested in buying a unique and artfully depicted map of Aotearoa, whether as a gift, souvenir, or to add to your personal collection of kiwiana, explore NZ Fine Prints’ wide range of historical, cultural, and New Zealand-centric posters and prints.  

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