Endless Metals Describe Common Misconceptions about Scrapping Your Catalytic Converter

Saturday 1 May 2021, 2:57PM
By Beckie Wright

Endless Metals have encountered several common misconceptions regarding the scrapping of catalytic converters, and here they describe some of them.

The first is that they pay for the outer shell of the catalytic converter. Correction – they pay for the inner biscuit.  The outer shell of a catalytic converter has almost no value, so please don’t remove the outer shell  assuming that you’ll get paid the same amount for both the biscuit and shell! 
The second misconception goes hand in hand with the above, where the thought is that you’ll get paid more for dismantling the catalytic converter. The value of a catalytic converter is with the inner biscuit, which needs to be keep intact with the outer shell to ensure there is no breakage. If the inner biscuit is broken, Endless Metals  will not be able to pay the full  value of the cat. 
It is a falsity that catalytic converters that come from a petrol-based engine compared to a diesel-based engine are valued the same. DPF systems have less material in them once refined and have a higher cost of processing – therefore diesel catalytic converters are worth slightly less than petrol.  

Another common misconception is that all cars have catalytic converters. This isn’t actually entirely true! Catalytic converters were only manufactured in petrol vehicles from  1992 and in diesel vehicles  since2001.  
Also, it is incorrect that catalytic converters aren’t worth any money. Catalytic converters are installed in vehicles  to reduce the toxic gases emitted   from the exhaust fumes. The reason they’re worth a decent price is due to the fact that the honeycomb biscuit inside is made from precious metals.  This is what makes them so  valuable.  

Endless Metals say the value of the converter for recycling doesn’t change with the value of the car, so for more information on catalytic converter scrap price, visit, and for more information on scrap metal prices please go to .