Health and Sports Advocate For Corporate Wellness

Saturday 1 May 2021, 3:08PM
By Beckie Wright

Little work has been done in New Zealand on the return on investment (ROI) on ensuring your employees’ health by investing in their wellbeing. However, overseas studies indicate a strong return on investing in corporate wellness. There’s a virtuous circle in that how you treat your employees is reflected back at you. It is reflected in how your employees talk about their workplace publicly and, in this age of social media, good (or bad) news can spread very quickly enhancing (or damaging) the reputation of your business and your ability to employ the best people. 

This year, Health and Sports look forward to seeing an increase in companies with a renewed focus on wellness. With mental and physical health being so important in the workplace, corporate wellness will become a necessity, and potentially a decider when a person is looking to work for a new company. Healthy employees who exercise regularly and manage stress in a positive way tend to be more productive, less stressed, and require fewer sick days. Corporate wellness is an investment into a happier, more productive workforce with a healthy lifestyle. 

Global research has found that when employee health and wellbeing is managed well the percentage of engaged employees increased, as does creativity and innovation, and an Australian study has found the healthiest workers are up to three times more productive than the least healthy workers: 

A New Zealand workplace survey estimated 7.4 million workdays were lost through absenteeism in 2019, up from 6.7 million in 2016. The direct costs of absenteeism amounted to an estimated $1.79 billion across the country, compared to $1.5 billion in 2016, so it obviously behoves the employer to invest in his employees’ wellbeing.  

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