Bathrooms in Auckland Stress the Importance of Quality Bathroom Products

Saturday 1 May 2021, 3:10PM
By Beckie Wright


When it comes to the refurbishment of an existing bathroom or the designing of a brand new bathroom, home owners are faced with a myriad of tasks, including the purchase of new bathroom products, which can be exciting but challenging. After all, what are the things that home owners should consider in their search for bathroom products to create an aesthetically-pleasing personal space for revitalisation? 

Bathrooms in Auckland are proud of their wide range of bathroom products, and in particular vanities, and of course are proud of their quality customer service. Vanities bring function and form to a bathroom. They should be chosen both for their functionality and for how well they fit within the style of design chosen for the bathroom remodel.  In looking at examples of remodelled bathrooms for inspiration, some homeowners fall in love with a particular vanity and even decide to base their whole bathroom design around this piece of furniture. 

Vanities do much more than just house the sink. They provide countertop space, storage, and a way to hide the plumbing (unless exposed plumbing is the preferred “look,” in which case, there are vanities for that).  They often become the focal point of a bathroom, acting as the unifying design piece for the whole room. 

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