The Advantages of Terraced Housing Revealed by the Experts

Friday 7 May 2021, 10:52AM
By Beckie Wright

Renowned as a leading architectural design company, Gubb Design reveals the benefits of terraced housing in Auckland and the design advantages they offer for medium-density housing locations.  

Terraced Housing (a.k.a., row housing), is a style of residential architecture popular within Europe and worldwide. The design is commonly characterised by individual dwellings that are joined on two sides—although end-of-terrace (or semi-detached) terraced housing is attached only to one wall.

According to the company, terraced housing is perfect for urban settings that are close to central locations and public transport. This is because of their convenient, space-saving design. Terraced housing has smaller square footage to worry about—usually featuring two-bedroom designs great for first-home buyers.  

Gubb Design elaborates that the convenience of these designs also lies in their affordability and environmentally friendly perks. The price of terraced housing is significantly more affordable due to the compactness of the design. They also often come equipped with solar power, LED lighting to save energy, and other innovative eco-friendly elements.

Other benefits of terraced housing include its aesthetically pleasing modern townhouse design, easy maintenance, and safe and secure layout. Living within a close-knit community, with neighbours nearby, terraced housing poses as a logical way for families to own land close to central locations while rest assured that they are living in a safe and secure environment. 

As Auckland slowly moves towards a medium-density cityscape, Gubb Design predicts that terraced housing will become more of a necessity.

This is because terraced housing design is a great way to accommodate high-density housing needs, without compromising on aesthetics. Gubb Design predicts that terraced housing will continue to grow in popularity and may well become a defining feature within Auckland central’s inner-city areas.

As highly experienced architectural designers, the team at Gubb Design uses a specialised approach, incorporating the appropriate materials to create a contemporary design that suits both the neighbourhood and the aesthetic design you are after.

If you’re looking for a specialised terraced house architect to help you create a modern home you love, you can reach the team at Gubb Design at: