The Wardrobe Company Say "Space is Too Precious to Waste!"

Sunday 30 May 2021, 2:37AM
By Beckie Wright

During the 30 years (so far) that The Wardrobe Company ( ) has been creating bespoke wardrobe and storage solutions for its clients they have never heard anyone ‘complain’ of having too much storage space! 

The experienced design team at The Wardrobe Company pride themselves on making the very best use of every available centimetre of space within the wardrobes and other storage spaces in their clients’ homes. 

With the massive escalation in property values over recent years it has become of even greater importance to make the most of every nook and cranny. With building costs in the range of $4000 -$5000 per square metre (and often considerably more) every cubic metre of area within a wardrobe clearly translates into significant value! It’s therefore imperative to utilise space wisely. 

You can rest assured the designers at The Wardrobe Company, using their extensive experience coupled with the latest design software, will make the most of your wardrobe spaces to ensure you have a place for everything from the short to the tall to the large and ‘the smalls’.  

It now seems entirely implausible that the old style wardrobe with a shelf running across the top and a length of rail underneath was ever considered fit for purpose! Similarly, with the need to make the most of every valuable space, a kitset or one-size-fits-all off the shelf set up simply won’t fit the bill. 

Do it once, do it right – call in the experts at The Wardrobe Company – phone  0800 CLOSET to get the ball rolling, and for more information on wardrobe systems NZ and wardrobe solutions NZ please go to .