Full Replacement Installation With Eco Doors & Windows

Monday 31 May 2021, 12:34PM
By Beckie Wright


One of the most frequently asked questions of Eco Doors & Windows when replacing aluminium windows is, “How can we keep the character of the house with this new replacement”? The answer from Eco Doors & Windows is a full replacement installation.  

When replacing aluminium or any type of door they will execute the full replacement installation method. They replace your timber window sills, facings and external facings with new timber, plus the new uPVC frames with double glazing. This means goodbye to your old, rotten timber. 

Eco Doors & Windows then replace the timber finishings ‘like for like’, so the character of your house is retained, and for doors it means they get to start afresh with a completely square hole, making it possible for the door to seal 100%. 

Full-frame replacement windows mirror new construction installations. The entire window frame and sash are removed, resulting in superior weather tightness and often greater glass viewing area. Whether it's a double-hung, casement, awning or speciality window, you'll find it easier than ever to find the perfect window for your remodelling or replacement project.  
Full-frame replacement windows are the best option for you if one of these statements apply: 

There is rot in the window frame: trim, casing, or sill 

The window is out of square 

You would like to change the size or shape of your window 

Full frame replacement takes a window down to its original rough opening (the raw framing boards). Although this may seem extreme, the benefit is that it can reveal issues that might be hidden behind the existing frame, such as water intrusion, rotted or damaged wood, poor or no insulation, and insect infestation. In addition to making windows difficult to operate, worn-out frames also leak air and reduce your home’s efficiency. 

So, if your home has both frame and sash problems that need to be addressed, there is an effective solution available from Eco Doors & Windows, full frame replacement. Full frame replacement restores the structural integrity and beauty of your windows, so you can rest easy knowing your new replacement windows are exceptionally energy-efficient and your views are the best around, and for more information on PVC windows and double glazing please go to .