MagicSeal Retrofit Acrylic Double Glazing

Monday 31 May 2021, 7:25PM
By Beckie Wright

MagicSeal NZ Ltd, RetroFit Acrylic Double Glazing, has been around, attached to New Zealand domestic windows, for over 25 years. In this time the MagicSeal Acrylic System has proved to be far superior to standard double glass glazing. The RetroFit System has exceeded glass double glazing by 1-2 Stars, for Energy Savings and 1-2 Stars, for suppressing Noise Infiltration via a single pane of standard glass. 

To get the best bang for your buck for noise suppression a wider gap is more preferable. This means that on standard wooden window s with approx. a 30mm cedar frame, the air gap of approx. 30mm, will drop the noise level across the glass to Acrylic by up 10 Db at 200 Hz, (A lower bass note) approx. 15 Db at 500 Hz, (Standard human voice range),  and approx. 15 Hz at 5000 Hz, (A screaming jet engine).  

For Energy Savings with an air gap of 15mm the WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme of Australia), has a rating of Heating savings = 5.5 Stars, Cooling savings at 2.5 Stars. For an air gap of 60mm it has a rating of Heating Savings = 6.5 Stars, Cooling savings = 2.5 Stars. These ratings are a very good savings, both for noise and energy, as the Acrylic, being a plastic, has a much higher resistance than 3-4 mm glass, as far as transmission loss, across either medium. This is why the MagicSeal RetroFit Acrylic Double Glazing System is superior to standard Double Glazing, as regards to fitting onto existing aluminium, wood or other types of windows, found in older style dwellings. 

MagicSeal RetroFit Acrylic Double Glazing also has a high value, of up to 80% blocking, of UV rays that fade furnishings and carpet, so the product also helps to conserve furnishings. 

If added to your current windows it may be possible to save up to 25 % off your power accounts. (Subject to the dwellings being fully insulated, but proven by in house testing) 

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