Heaven Contracting Say Be Prepared for Stormy Weather This Winter

Monday 31 May 2021, 9:05PM
By Beckie Wright

As winter approaches we need to think about preparing our properties for the inevitable storms which will occur. Trees falling onto power lines is a very real danger, so it is vital to ascertain that your trees are strong and healthy, so that the chances of them being damaged in a storm are greatly reduced.  

Auckland experiences its fair share of south westerly winds, and if you couple this with the heavy rainfall that this region is also known for, there is the very real risk of trees being uprooted. So, what can you do to reduce the risks of storm damage? Heaven Contracting believe the key is being well prepared. Making sure your trees are healthy and not too side heavy in the canopy or branches will significantly reduce the chance of damage. Getting the weight out of the crowns and branches before the wind and rain comes is the way to go. 

All trees will have their own unique level of durability, their lifespan will vary as will the strength of their wood. Planting trees for the appropriate climate can also ensure they thrive. If you do experience a branch being severed or dangling off in a storm, it is important to have it removed correctly. A broken branch can cause the tree to have a wound and can put it in a state of stress, opening it up to risk of disease. Even if the branch has been fully severed it is important to trim the break properly to ensure the tree heals quickly. 

Regular tree maintenance will ensure your trees are in the best possible condition, and having an arborist visit you regularly means they can point out any areas of concern and help reduce the risk of failure should a storm hit, so for more information on tree cutting and tree removal please go to .