Endless Onehunga Have a Straightforward Process for Scrapping Catalytic Converters

Friday 18 June 2021, 12:34PM
By Beckie Wright

As scrap metal recycling experts, Endless in Onehunga have a very straightforward process for scrapping catalytic converters. However, as they say, there are some common misconceptions about this process, so they are ready and willing to help you with this.  

First of all, most catalytic converters are actually worth quite a lot as scrap. They are  made of metals like copper, nickel, cerium, iron, and manganese, but the real value is in the small amount of rare precious metals (usually platinum, palladium, or rhodium) that can be found inside the “biscuit”. Their customers are often pleasantly surprised by how much their scrap catalytic converters are valued at—Endless pay their customers what the catalytic converter is  really worth which can be up to a couple thousand dollars for the more valuable ones.. 

Secondly, each catalytic converter has a unique price and therefore obtaining information such as the make, model and serial number is important. Each serial number is linked to a specific quantity and composition of precious metals, which is what Endless base their price on.  

Serial numbers are located in a number of places on a catalytic converter, depending on the manufacturer, however, most are usually found on the exterior or underneath the shield.  
Thirdly, the outer shell of a catalytic converter isn’t worth much, so if the exterior is rusted or dented this shouldn’t affect the price that you’ll get for yours. The real value of a catalytic converter is determined by the inner biscuit, so please make sure you keep yours intact. If the inner biscuit is broken, your catalytic converter will be worth less because it will contain fewer precious metals. 

As a side note, catalytic converters from diesel-based engines aren’t worth as much as their petrol-based counterparts, as diesel engine systems have less material in them once refined and have a higher cost of processing. This makes diesel catalytic converters worth less than those from a petrol-based vehicle.  

Whether you’re looking to sell a single catalytic converter once-off, have a couple or a lot, you can  take them in to Endless to get the  true value and for more  information on scrap  catalytic converters Onehunga please go to .