Winter Means Winter Wetsuits From Backdoor

Tuesday 29 June 2021, 11:20PM
By Beckie Wright

Just because it’s turned cold and the winter months beckon, doesn’t mean keen surfers give up and stay home keeping warm! Backdoor have the answer for those winter blues, with more winter wetsuits arriving from Rip Curl and Billabong.  

The Flashbomb Heat Seeker is Rip Curl’s most technically advanced cold water wetsuit. Combining the new super stretch E6 Flash Lining and their unique Flex Energy neoprene that generates heat when stretched, plus many more superior technical features, the Flashbomb Heat Seeker is the warmest Flashbomb ever. 

The pinnacle of cold water wetsuits, the Furnace wetsuit from Billabong provides an unparalleled level of heat. The warmest wetsuit they make, their top-shelf men’s wetsuit is now made with eco-conscious materials without sacrificing heat or flexibility. The full suit is lined with incredibly lightweight and heat-conductive Graphene-infused yarns, now made from 100% recycled fibres. 

Backdoor also has new surfboard models arriving, including the Channel Islands Two Happy and Sharp Eye Inferno 72 models. The Two Happy takes all the high-performance speed and flow of the original Happy but makes it more accessible and user-friendly for a broader range of surfers and conditions. With added entry rocker and increased double concave, the Two Happy is looser, rolls rail to rail more easily, and carves better in the pocket. The Channel Islands team describes the board as exceptionally fast, responsive, and under the feet. The fuller rails and wider, thicker tail block provide ease of paddle, ride, and acceleration. 

Backdoor have also stocked up on Huffer puffer vests and jackets, just in time for the winter chill, and lots more wintr apparel from most brands.  

Finally, get on line now for Backdoor’s All About Eve 2For $100 Hoodies. All About Eve hoods are a perfect mix of comfort and fashion; a simple throw-on hood that is great to wear out and about or perfect to chill on the couch, and for more information on urban wear NZ please go to .