Only Spa Ayurda Have Bespoke Facials For Winter

Thursday 1 July 2021, 11:45AM
By Beckie Wright

Winter is here with its usual skin-drying proponents, so now is the perfect time to book yourself a facial at Spa Ayurda. Their facials are no ordinary facials, but will take you on a sensory journey of their beautiful bespoke facials from which you will never look back.  

Spa Ayurda’s facials are tailored to achieve visible results, and your therapist will nurture you with a caring ritual and a facial customised to your unique needs. Begin your journey by choosing one of their balancing facials to reveal healthier, relaxed and refreshed skin. 

All their beautiful treatments begin with a skin consultation to determine your current state of wellbeing. This is done by their experienced therapist before your treatment. Based on your ayurvedic consultation, your treatment is then customised to your unique needs. Below is a sample of some of their facials, especially for winter weather. 

Ayurda Vata Balancing Nourish Facial 

For dry, delicate and rough skin to stay youthful; a hydrating, nurturing and soothing Vata balancing facial to counter dry, delicate, rough and ageing elements within the skin. The Ayurda signature marma point facial massage with a potent ayurvedic herbal blend hydrates, tones and lift the skin to give it a long lasting glow. 

Ayurda Pitta Balancing 

This one hour facial bliss includes a gentle exfoliation and an Ayurvedic marma point facial massage to calm and cool the , followed by a firming and purifying mud mask to repair and re-strengthen the skin. It will leave you with a clearer complexion and radiate inside out! 

Ayurda Pure Silver Facial 

Start your treatment with a traditional welcoming floral foot ritual to prepare you for your relaxation journey. The cooling and rejuvenating qualities of pure silver leaf are used to rescue and tame stressed out skin, calm and sooth the most sensitive of complexions while giving the skin a nourishing boost. It is massaged in to the skin, followed by a purifying and healing mask that really gets the skin glowing, leaving it unbelievably calm, smooth, soft and silken with an attractive glow. Your facial is concluded with a head and foot massage leaving you in a state of pure bliss. 

They also have gentlemen’s facials and facials for teens and kids, so with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about facials at .