Get Paid Top Prices at Endless Metals

Monday 12 July 2021, 12:21PM
By Beckie Wright

Taking your old whiteware/appliances to Endless Metals in Onehunga won’t cost you a cent, and you will also be preventing it from going to landfill and saving the fee you would have to pay to tip it, so it’s a win-win all round.  

There’s no need to make an appointment or call ahead, as all Endless Metals’ drive throughs in Auckland  are open to the public.  Just drive in and park, and one of their friendly staff will help you offload, get the items weighed and get you paid  

Endless Metals don’t do residential collections of appliances and whiteware because the value of the scrap metal they can extract from the goods is usually much lower than the cost of the transport, so it would become an expensive exercise for you and not worth your while. If you’re really stuck and just can’t find a way to get the items to them, give them a call on 0800 44 88 99 and they will try their best to find a workable solution for you. 

Regarding which whiteware and household goods you can recycle, the question to ask is whether the item contains metal or not. If it does, chances are pretty good you can take it in, and they can recycle it for you. However, they don’t take televisions, computer equipment, old cell phones or other e-waste, as their facility if not yet set up to safely dispose of these types of items, so with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about scrap yards by going to the website at