Good Electrical Say July a Good Time to Check Your Spa Pool

Tuesday 27 July 2021, 4:50PM
By Beckie Wright

With winter now really settling in we are all looking forward to heating up our spa pool and revelling in that lovely hot water after a long day at work. However, as the helpful team at Good Electrical say, this is also the perfect time of year to check our spa pools, and undertake any electrical repairs necessary.

Good Electrical specialise in spa and pool electrical repairs, maintenance and new installations, and they recommend that you get your pool checked regularly. This is to ensure that pumps are operating at their optimum. Good Electrical’s Director, Martin Good has over 25 years’ experience in promptly diagnosing problems with pumps and heaters, letting you get back to enjoying relaxing in your pool or spa.

The Good Electrical electricians can repair and organise replacement parts as required, and can offer a wide range of brands ensuring you get the best price, and they work closely with pool installation contractors, installing new pools or refurbishment of existing pools, including replacing pool lighting with the latest in LED lighting.

Winter is also a good time to check your other electrical appliances, including electric blankets, heaters and clothes dryers, for damage and wear and tear, and the Good Electrical team recommend that you should also check the power cords and plugs for damage, exposed wires or signs of overheating. This is a good time to make sure your electrical appliances are operating correctly and to check for any unusual noises, or if anything is broken or damaged, including power cords.

Electric heaters should also be checked for wear and tear. Heaters may require cleaning every so often, especially fan , and this can be done by first unplugging the heater and simply vacuuming the inlet and outlet grills to remove dust. However, the heater should not be dismantled for cleaning.

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