Re:Vision Advise on What to Do About Eye Twitch

Thursday 29 July 2021, 5:05PM
By Beckie Wright

There’s nothing worse than trying to focus during the day with a pesky eye twitch that won’t stop flickering. We have all experienced it at one time or other, that repetitive, involuntary spasm of your eyelid muscle that occurs every few seconds for a minute or two. An eye twitch can be unpredictable and may last longer than that and even though it doesn’t hurt, it can be very annoying.  

Many people have an occasional eye twitch, especially when they are tired or have had a lot of caffeine. Occasional eye twitches are common, but if you have eye twitches more often, it may be due to an underlying problem. Bright lights, stress, fatigue, caffeine, and eye irritation may make symptoms of eye twitching worse.  

To minimise the causes of stress, for example, you should concentrate on getting a good night’s sleep, as fatigue can cause twitching when your eyes are tired and overworked. Similarly, alcohol and caffeine consumption can also contribute to your eyes twitching. Also, it is known that your eyes can dry out when staring at your computer all day, causing them to twitch and tic, and the same effect is produced by leaving your contacts in too long causing eye strain.  

Other reasons are that you may be subject to allergies and extreme irritation, caused by environmental factors such as dust, smoke, chemicals and other tiny particles in the air, causing irritation to your eyes. Eye twitching can also be caused by a nutritional imbalance, and the lack of essential nutrients in your daily diet, so you need to ensure you eat a healthy diet. 

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