DE Healthcare There For You With All PPE Requirements During Lockdowns

Wednesday 1 September 2021, 2:32PM
By Beckie Wright

As we all wait to see when the latest COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown can be eased off, we will also be interested to see which PPE requirements will be manifest for businesses opening back up again. It will be most important for said businesses, whether they are restaurants, bars and cafes, or small retail shops, beauty salons or hairdressers to be able to access the PPE required.  

DE Healthcare will be able to offer most of the lines of PPE which will most likely be required, such as masks, gloves, wipes and bibs for businesses to operate safely during lockdown levels 1-4. The good news is they now have new ear loop masks that they are currently selling, a 3ply surgical mask from Softmed, which comes in a box of 50. These masks are white ear loop masks which are ASTM level 2 standard. 

Regarding personal protective equipment— gloves, masks, respirator protective devices, or other medical equipment designed to protect the wearer from injury or the spread of infection or illness—there have been reports of increased market demand and supply challenges for some of these products. 

DE Healthcare sell a wide range and variation of products, including dental products, tattoo products (Tattoo Shield and Tattoo Lotion/Moisturizer) and  all the general infection control products  that you could possibly need: Masks, Nitrile, Latex and Black Gloves, Wipes, Pouches. DE is your go to place for affordable infection prevention products. 

DE Healthcare are a New Zealand based healthcare distributor dedicated to providing New Zealand’s Dental, Medical and Veterinary customers with the essential products they use on an everyday basis. They do this by sourcing quality products from a range of top global manufacturers and then supplying these to customers nationwide from their Auckland based distribution centre, so for more information on disposable earloop face masks and latex gloves NZ please go to .