Re:Vision List the Reasons Why People Choose Laser Vision Correction

Tuesday 28 September 2021, 1:04PM
By Beckie Wright

For people contemplating LASIK eye surgery, it can be quite a daunting decision to make, so Re:Vision find it is helpful if they discuss the pros and cons with the patient, and all the reasons why they should have the surgery. The top reason is the speed at which your vision is improved, giving them instantly enhanced vision. The procedure is very quick and the recovery time is minimal. 

Secondly is the obvious case of cost effectiveness. You may initially be deterred by the cost of LASIK, but it actually saves you money as an investment that pays for itself over time. Think of all the expensive frames you have bought for your glasses over the years. 

Another big reason is the ability to engage in physical activity as never before. Whether you wear contacts or glasses there is a huge barrier between you and contact sports, with many sports being impossible to do, but with LASIK you are free to play any sport you choose. 

Similarly, there are even some careers in the police force, defence and military that require candidates not to wear glasses or contacts. Having LASIK means wearing glasses/contacts is no longer an obstacle between you and your dream job. 

Furthermore, many people find after LASIK they end up with better vision than they did when wearing glasses/contacts. 

Regarding travel, have you ever gone somewhere and realised you’d forgotten your contact lens solution then worried about whether you’ll be able to find any at the place you’re going to? LASIK eliminates the problems of forgetting, misplacing or breaking your eyewear. 

Finally, just the idea of never having to wear glasses again is enough for some people to seriously consider LASIK, and the confidence they gain after having the surgery is more than worth it, so for more information on laser eye surgery and implantable contact lenses (ICLs) please go to .