Finding a Good Mechanic Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare

Monday 29 November 2021, 5:53AM
By Premium SEO NZ


There’s precious little as distressing for a consumer than trying to find a trustworthy mechanic. Since most vehicle owners cannot afford to take their cars to a dealership once the service plan and/or warrantee has passed, many are left to navigate the oftentimes shady world of car service centres and backyard shows in a bid to find the seemingly ever-illusive ‘good mechanic’. Thankfully, however, there are certain principles that can be employed to help with this search.

A reputable mechanic – even one operating out of their backyard – will have good references. So, asking family and friends and doing a basic Google review search is a good first port of call. Good mechanics that offer car servicing in Dunedin also tend to have user-friendly websites and are generally easily contactable. But don’t let a professional looking website be your deciding factor. While good websites do usually indicate a client-centric operation, it’s also important to check how well the work area is maintained, how professional and communicative the mechanic is, and whether or not they seem to be trying to sell you on options not required by the manufacturer. Aside from the acceptable level of dirt and grime associated with a generally dirty job, any workshop that appears overly disorganised, and any mechanic who cannot simply and directly discuss issues with clients should be avoided.

Other considerations are whether the mechanic offers a free quotation, is willing to assist with transportation once your car is booked in, and provides a formal service contract. If any of these are missing, it might be best to look elsewhere.

Finding a good mechanic doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but consumers do need to do their due diligence. Shopping around for a good mechanic from the get-go can also ultimately mean dream services for years to come.