Chiropractors Offer Holistic and Supplemental Treatment, Not Miracles

Monday 29 November 2021, 1:02PM
By Premium SEO NZ


There are many misconceptions surrounding chiropractors. One of the most common is that because chiropractors are not ‘real doctors’ they cannot offer good healthcare – with some going so far as to call all chiropractors ‘quacks’. And while the practice has seen its share of dodgy operators over the years who promise miracles and deliver poor outcomes, to place such broad negative assumptions on practitioners as a whole is unmerited.

In fact, various scientific studies have proven the benefits to patients who undergo chiropractic treatment. Furthermore, all legitimate Auckland chiropractors undergo years of training, and generally hold an undergraduate degree in the sciences that covers anatomy and physiology in addition to their chiropractic certification. The chiropractic certification itself is also no cake walk, with specialists studying at least 4 years, including both practical and theoretical modules, to gain their qualification.

The truth is, then, that rather than dismissing chiropractors completely, it is necessary to understand what they actually offer in terms of healthcare and what they can and cannot do for patients. Specifically, chiropractors conduct joint manipulation, and can help treat things like back pain, headaches, and posture misalignment. Most good chiropractors also offer holistic treatment by assessing patient lifestyle and recommending at-home exercises or habit changes that can be applied in addition to in-practice sessions and/or other medical treatments. Thus, any chiropractor with formal medical practitioner referrals, or who is willing to work with others in the medical field, is likely to serve patients well.

By comparison, any chiropractor who makes claims of a healthcare ‘silver bullet’, or who promotes extensive long-term treatments even before fully assessing a patient should be avoided. While patients with certain medical conditions like hypertension, broken bones, or arthritis should not visit a chiropractor, these practitioners can assist other patients with a variety of joint-related issues.