It Really is Possible to Build Networks in Nelson

Tuesday 7 December 2021, 7:56AM
By Premium SEO NZ


There is a prevailing misconception that successful business networking can only take place in large cities. This notion comes from an understanding that networking entails making connections with as many new people as possible at a single event. The logic is, then, that the larger the area in which you live, the greater the chances of this happening at each networking event.

Since Nelson clocks in as only the 12th largest city in New Zealand, many local business owners may be tempted to see their immediate network possibilities as limited, especially in comparison to those operating in places like Auckland or Christchurch. However, this is a false assumption, as networking relates as much, if not more so, to the quality of the network as it does to its quantity. In other words, it is as possible to have poor results from a large network as it is to have good results from a small network. Of course, the ideal would be to have access to a large, high-results network, but this can only be achieved through intentionality and a willingness to first work with a smaller, more accessible network.

When business owners adopt this mindset, it becomes clear that Nelson business networking opportunities are plentiful. For locals looking to grow their immediate network, a good starting point is to attend area-specific networking events, trade conventions, or conferences. Other options would be to join the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, a fitness or hobby club, or even just start up conversations with those around you.

The point of a network is to grow connections with individuals who could, amongst other things, introduce you to funders or mentors and/or help you expand your brand beyond the confines of your immediate environment. Achieving such a network is possible, even in a smaller city like Nelson.