Investing in SEO Can Mean Greater ROI for Christchurch SMEs

Monday 20 December 2021, 5:43PM
By Premium SEO NZ


SMEs are the lifeblood of the NZ economy. But marketing SMEs’ products and services to the public can be challenging due to smaller budgets and competition with larger companies. This is where good SEO can help, because it makes a business’s website visible on the first page of organic search engine results.

Why is this important? Well, since upwards of 90% of all consumers never visit the second or later pages of their search results, if a business doesn’t land on the first page, it’s losing out on a lot of customer connections that could potentially convert to actual sales.

For SMEs operating in Christchurch, SEO is also really beneficial, because it can help localise search results. Think of it this way – a customer looking for a specific product or service is far more likely to seek out providers in their immediate area. This means that they will use specific key words that will help them exclude irrelevant results. If a relevant SME is operating in a customer’s area, but doesn’t optimise for their local search, that’s a missed opportunity. Location-specific key words, as well as other words that better promote the business can, thus, do wonders for bringing more leads to a website. And the more leads, the greater the sales conversion.

Compared to other forms of marketing, SEO might take longer, but it consistently reports with one of the best sustained ROI, because once it’s set, only a few tweaks are needed to ensure a website keeps appearing on the first page of search results. Furthermore, when working with a reputable SEO Christchurch company, investing in SEO can prove a more budget-friendly option, especially in the long-term. All this means that investing in SEO remains one of the best approaches to marketing that Christchurch-based SMEs can adopt.