It Can Be Difficult To Stand Out On Twitch, But It's Not Impossible

Tuesday 21 December 2021, 1:55PM
By Premium SEO NZ

While still predominantly playing host to gamers, Twitch’s popularity has exploded during the pandemic, with many other types of viewers and creators engaging on this platform. While streaming on Twitch automatically means the potential for a larger viewership, it also means more competition. So, if you’re looking to stream on Twitch, and actually making money from this endeavour, it’s necessary to find your ‘hook’ that will draw in audience members.

There are some simple ways to do so. First, it’s necessary to invest in proper equipment that can allow you to stream high quality videos. While this may mean forking out a bit extra for a computer with greater processing power and signing up for an OBS server and cloud storage to minimise lag, these steps will be worth it, as audiences are more likely to return to channels that are of a good quality.

But in order to really make your mark, technically good content is not enough. You’ll also need to offer content that’s entertaining and be willing to engage with your audience in new and interesting ways. The best way to do this would be to lean into your personality and make use of various digital platforms, not just Twitch, to communicate directly with your viewer base. Finding your niche is also vital, as this will help you present and market your content more clearly.

Collaborating with other content creators, improving your skills, and streaming regularly at times when viewers are most active can also help you become more popular on the platform. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll become a multi-millionaire by streaming on Twitch, it is possible to earn a decent income if you put in the time and effort and can tap into what your target audience is looking for.