Heat Pumps Can Help Improve Air Quality

Tuesday 21 December 2021, 2:00PM

By Premium SEO NZ



Although New Zealand reports surprisingly comfortable humidity for an island, there are still areas like Hamilton that record higher-than-average humidity across the country. Furthermore, while New Zealand’s air quality is generally good, thanks to its expansive natural environment and lower levels of industry and carbon emissions when compared to other countries around the world, it is still not wholly immune to the impact of air pollution and other issues like pollen and dirt that can reduce air quality.

The problem with high humidity is that it can lead to the spread and growth of things like mould, bacteria, and viruses, if left unchecked. Similarly, poor air circulation can result in a build-up of pet dander, dust, and fumes that can cause increased cases of allergies. A home with poor air quality can, thus, cause residents to, at best, feel tired and/or deal with chronic headaches, blocked noses, and coughing; and at worse, develop diseases like asthma or pneumonia. For these reasons, then, it makes sense to install a heat pump.

Heat pumps in Hamilton can prove particularly good investments, since they can effectively be used to lower indoor humidity levels. Good heat pumps also include air filters and purifiers that can help to remove various pollutants and allergens from the atmosphere; thereby ensuring the inhalation of fresh, healthy air. The heat pump process of drawing in air from outside and expelling indoor air out, also means that indoor air is better circulated, which further improves overall air quality. A caveat is, though, that heat pumps should be cleaned out and serviced regularly to ensure that problematic elements are not being recycled back into the indoor spaces.

For families looking to improve their health and live more comfortably in their homes, it may be time to invest in a heat pump.