2022 Marketing Trends That New Zealand Companies Should Pay Attention To

Wednesday 22 December 2021, 1:54PM

By Premium SEO NZ


The 4IR is dramatically disrupting how brands reach their markets. In the same way that mass media like radio and television revolutionised marketing in the previous century, online platforms and AI are doing the same in this one. This is most notable in how companies are shifting their investments away from older marketing platforms to building their digital presence instead.

For 2022, it is predicted that the continued shift to a predominantly digital approach to reaching consumers will continue. However, with changes in respect to increased consumer privacy awareness, Google’s aim to stop using third-party cookies as of January 2022, and updates to search engine algorithms that ensure higher search result placements for websites with good content, it’s not going to be business as usual.

Some of the key shifts that are likely to gain momentum as from next year include:

  • Designing websites that are far more mobile-friendly in a bid to attract consumers who are increasingly using their phones rather than desktops or laptops to connect online;
  • Engaging in hybrid marketing events that include online and in-person components;
  • Enabling voice-searches, whereby consumers search for or navigate websites using voice commands rather than text; and
  • Emphasising visuals, including video content, over long-form copy.

From these predicted changes, it is clear that SEO will continue to play an important role in digital marketing, as while different forms of marketing are all valuable, much direct consumer awareness remains based in organic search results. NZ businesses would, therefore, do well to contact an SEO company NZ, if they haven’t already invested in SEO, in a bid to keep up with changes in digital marketing approaches. Businesses looking to grow in 2022 should also invest more resources in building their general online presence and appealing to potential customers through highly personalised customer experiences.