Optimising For Local Searches Key SEO Trend For 2022

Wednesday 22 December 2021, 1:57PM
By Premium SEO NZ


It’s no secret that the online space is highly competitive. For smaller companies, it can be difficult to get noticed in all the clamour for consumers’ attention, particularly when they are up against multinationals with giant budgets at their disposal. However, it is still very possible to build a highly successful online brand that results in better real-life profit margins. How? Through localisation.

In fact, SEO trends for 2022 appear to be primarily focussed on appealing to local markets. This strategy is particularly effective as by adopting specific key words that exclude general competition, it is possible for even the smallest business to land on the first page of search engine results. For example, a local Christchurch resident looking for a dentist is most likely going to include some kind of location identifier as part of their search because they specifically don’t want to get results related to dentists operating in other areas. Any dentist, then, who effectively optimises their location-specific key words is far more likely to become visible to such a consumer. This reality extends to any kind of business operating in any area, namely that by honing in on a local market, whatever a company might lose in extended reach is made up for by increased local visibility and, by extension, better rates of clicks-to-sales conversions.

It is necessary, then for companies operating in the Christchurch area to pay particular attention to building specific SEO Christchurch content and reaching local residents. Further shifts in SEO as from 2022 include optimising for voice-based searches, relying on previous searches for more personalised results, offering accurate content for search result ‘snippets’, and including visual components like pictures and videos as part of pages’ content. By effectively utilising various SEO strategies, it will become possible for businesses to see growth in 2022.