Tier4 Have Some Top Tips For Working From Home

Saturday 1 January 2022, 3:00AM
By Beckie Wright

Tier4 would like to send festive greetings to all their clients, and would like to close the year by sharing some of their top tips for working from home. This has been an unplanned requirement for most office workers during this challenging year.  

You can start by maximising your working space, as a common trend has been to convert an underutilised space of your home into an office, such as the garage, attic or spare bedroom. Make sure it has solid Wi-Fi (most urban and suburban areas have at least one high-speed service provider), plenty of natural light, and is close to your coffee machine. 

Be sure to use quality equipment – ergonomics (in the physical sense in this instance) and good “workplace station set ups” are essential for maintaining good posture, lessening the risks to musculoskeletal injuries, and allow for improved performance and productivity.  

Adjustable desks are great as they cater to the differences based on height. Add to this a good laptop, monitor screen, wireless headset, quality video camera, comfortable chair, and you are well on your way to success in your home office.  

Don’t forget to take quality breaks, as, generally speaking, when you were in the office you were connecting with many, grabbing coffee or water, walking outdoors for lunch, etc. Don’t forget that these breaks are as important as ever, so include breaks that engage the body or mind in activity unrelated to work to boost your energy levels throughout the day; walk outdoors, go for a bike ride, or simply play with your pet.  

Maintain your regular routine, as most humans are creatures of habit. A regular routine or schedule set for the working day is a great way to create boundaries, healthy habits, and a sense of normalcy to your daily life. Whether for you that’s arriving dressed at your desk at a particular time and then logging off at the end of the day to focus on personal activities OR cutting the day into two hour blocks and working in your pyjamas – it’s all routine. 

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