Shore Rentals Open Limited Hours Over Xmas & New Year

Saturday 1 January 2022, 3:18AM
By Beckie Wright

As we look ahead to Christmas this month, the country will transition to the new traffic light system (Covid-19) in red, orange, and green settings, introducing new freedoms to the vaccinated population. In doing so, it helps control the spread of the virus while allowing people to go about their daily lives with activities like meeting with friends and family, shopping, attending school, and going to the gym, restaurants, and bars without major restrictions. 

Currently, Auckland is in red. Government settings are due to be reviewed again on the 13th of December and 17th of January. The Auckland border opens on December 15th, allowing people to visit friends and family out of town over the holiday season. Anyone wanting to leave may need to show their vaccination pass or have a recent negative test. From January 17th, 2022, there will be no restrictions on travel in and out of Auckland. Booking early this year is encouraged to avoid disappointment as Shore Rentals are expecting high demand, with Aucklanders wanting to escape the city after the strict lockdown, as well as visitors who want to see their families in Auckland. 

We learned also about the Government's 3-step plan to open the international border. Including allowing fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens to return from Australia in January 2022, followed by New Zealand citizens from other countries except for those deemed high-risk in February 2022, and then the country will open to foreign nationals on 30th April 2022. 

Shore Rentals will be open limited hours over Christmas and New Year to give their staff some time with family and friends. For the week of 27th December - 31st December, they will be open from 8am to 1pm or by appointment outside of these hours., and will be closed from January 1st - 4th, returning to normal business hours on Wednesday 5th. 

So, with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about large vehicle rentals and family car rentals by visiting the website at .