MagicSeal Explains Why You Need Insect Screens This Summer

Saturday 1 January 2022, 3:37AM
By Beckie Wright

Insect screens are considered a staple in most homes, with a wide range of benefits, whether  health-related, privacy concerns, or safety implications. Cost-efficient and functional, these screens are a popular and necessary choice for anyone’s home. 

Let’s start with the most obvious function, keeping out the insects. From flies, bees and mosquitoes, insect screens are effective in keeping the insects out of your house, and are most helpful during the warmer months where insects are everywhere. 

Imagine leaving your food on the table and forgetting that the windows are open. This is an invitation to the flies and other insects outside that may crawl over to your food. They don’t just contaminate the food, they will crawl all over your surfaces too, and it gets worse when you have pets. 

There are certain types of screens that provide additional security to your house. They are constructed from strong materials that may help prevent unwelcome entry and access into your home. Their net structure is strong and the frames are durable. This means these types of screens are difficult to tamper with and may help avoid breaking and entering crimes. 

Another huge plus is that they are very environmentally friendly, providing a non-chemical solution against insects, and are stylish, effective and very practical, with visible mesh, which helps to eliminate door walk through. They are colour coordinated to suit your home and existing joinery, and fit any door up to four metres wide and 2.4 metres high, and are durable and suitable for most applications (such as sliding windows). 

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